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Heartstream FR2

 About 220,000 people die each year from sudden cardiac arrest. That's 600 a day -- about the equivalent of three 747s crashing each day.

Cardiac arrest usually results from some underlying form of heart disease. Most cardiac arrests are due to abnormal heart rhythms called arrhythmias. Ventricular fibrillation (VF) is the most common arrhythmia that causes cardiac arrest. VF is a condition in which the heart's electrical impulses suddenly becomeHeartstream AED FR2 chaotic, often without warning. That causes the heart's pumping action to abruptly stop. When cardiac arrest occurs, the victim stops breathing normally. Death follows within minutes.

Defibrillation is the only known therapy for VF. This technique of giving an electrical shock can restore the heart's normal rhythm if it's done within minutes of the arrest. For every minute that passes without defibrillation, a victim's chances of survival decrease by 7 -- 10 percent. After as little a 10 minutes, very few resuscitation attempts are successful.

Traditionally, the ability to defibrillate was solely in the hands of emergency medical personnel. They were trained to interpret arrhythmias and determine when a shock was needed. (Link) survival depended on the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system being contacted and arriving quickly.

Unfortunately, quick EMS response isn't always possible. Even the very best EMS systems experience delays from heavy traffic, secured buildings, gated communities, large building complexes and high-rises.

Today a new generation of defibrillators, called automated external defibrillators (AEDs) makes it possible for the trained lay rescuers to deliver defibrillation. The new AEDs are safe, effective, lightweight, low maintenance, ease to use and relatively inexpensive. Having trained lay rescuers equipped with AEDs in your facility saves precious minutes and improves survival rates for cardiac arrest victims. The American Heart Association strongly encourages establishing AED Programs as an important way to save lives or thousands of cardiac arrest victims.

 The Heartstream FR2 AED comes standard with a user's guide, battery pack, defibrillation pads (2 sets), tray for data card, reference card, and 5-year warranty.

What is the SOS Technologies difference? 
SOS Technologies is the designated Agilent Heartstream AED training center for the southeast. We specialize in cost effective, single supplier initial response emergency medical training.

What is different about our courses?
Each CPR, First Aid, or AED class is taught with your specific industry in mind. We can tailor your classes to cover any special safety and emergency response situations that might be unique to your operation.

What is different about our teaching style?
Our instructors create a relaxed, non-intimidating learning environment with interactive teaching that encourages questions and class participation. All SOS Technologies trainers are licensed medical professionals who rely on their own rescue experience to put more than "textbook knowledge" into every class they teach.

Where does SOS Technologies training take place?
Wherever it's needed. We will come to you, at your facility, during the hours most convenient for you. Or we can make other arrangements as needed. We also offer classes at our training center in Newnan, GA - contact us for more information.

What other services does SOS Technologies provide?
We offer a range of emergency planning, risk assesment, MERT Team® (Medical Emergency ResponseTrained Team) formation and medical oversight services.