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 Oxygen Equpment

SOS Trauma Units

The SOS Technologies Trauma Unit is the most automatic and reliable portable emergency oxygen system available. A consumer products test comparing other "traditional" oxygen kits with the SOS Technologies unit showed the SOS emergency oxygen system to be the FASTEST, EASIEST, and MOST CONVENIENT DEVICE for first responders to use.

Important Features of SOS Oxygen Equipment

  • Easy to operate, single on-off lever reduces anxiety

  • Pre-set/automatic oxygen flow allows for safe use by nonmedical rescuers

  • Dual purpose face mask provides oxygen for inhalation (breathing) and resuscitation (CPR) life support

  • Trauma first aid kits (inside the case) can be customized to individual needs

  • Convenient and lightweight, allows everything needed to be easily carried

  • Versatile, can be carried on its side, by its top handle, and can be wall-mounted

  • Two stage low pressure regulator delivers approximately one-and-one-half hours of oxygen


Our Service/Maintenance Program Which is INCLUDED with ALL Oxygen Equipment Provides These Added Benefits:

COMPLETE on-site servicing and testing of equipment

COMPLETE operational review, including repair or replacement of components

ROUTINE AND EMERGENCY replacement of oxygen

COMPREHENSIVE products liability insurance

ALL regulatory upgrades INCLUDING cylinder hydrostatic testing