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Safety Links  

The following links are  provided for your enjoyment and education.  As there are millions of possible sites to visit, we have decided to list categories and a few interesting examples within each.  As our web page grows, more categories and examples will be added.

Emergency Services

These links will take you into the world of emergency medical services (EMS) in the U.S. and abroad.  Everything you ever wanted to know about EMS training, performance and equipment can be found by looking here.

Guide to Emergency Services Worldwide
World Wide Web of Emergency Services
Canadian Centre of Emergency Preparedness
Journal of Emergency Medical Services (jems)

CPR Training and Educations

These sites involve national CPR training organizations, research topics involving CPR, and interactive, multi-media offerings.  If you're into musical resuscitation, visit the CPR Rap page.  To learn family CPR at home without an instructor, visit the CPR Prompt site.

American Heart Association
American Red Cross
National Safety Council
The Journal Resuscitation

Safety and Medical Agencies

Many people complete courses in first aid or emergency care because they want to know the proper methods of "how to help."   However, when these procedures are used at the workplace there is also a need to comply with regulatory agencies.  These sites will help keep you up-to-date on regulations and training procedures in the occupational setting.

OSHA's Home page
The Journal, Occupational Safety & Health